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14/03/2014Victorian Art: The Stories and The Scandals and Picasso and his Women
07/03/2014Bookham Special Interest Day: 18th Century English Porcelain
22/11/2013The 50 Greatest Artworks to see in your Lifetime
20/03/2013Palaces, Paintings and Priestesses: Life and Art on Minoan Crete and Thera
21/11/2012Of Harlots, Rakes and Crashing China A One-Man Ceramics Roadshow
20/06/2012Church Monuments and Heraldry
30/03/2012British Architecture Now and Architecture of the Olympics
25/11/2011Symphonies in Colour: Byzantine and Italian Mosaics
11/03/2011Cezanne Father of Modern Art

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Victorian Art: The Stories and The Scandals
and Picasso and his Women

14/03/2014 Lecturer – Valerie Woodgate The Menuhin Hall, Stoke d’Abernon, Cobham KT11 3QQ

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_________________________________________________________________________ In a morning of gossip, scandal and wonderful works of art, the first lecture will examine the extent to which Victorian art reveals attitudes to life, death and morality in a century of change.
We will then look at Picasso, who said his work was like a diary – “to understand it you have to see how it mirrors my life.” Picasso’s emotional life influenced not only what he painted but also how he painted it.